Twitter has officially posted its first edited tweet – a significant step towards realizing the most requested feature on the social media platform. While testing of the edit button will be limited to a few users, everyone will be able to see edited Tweets.

Twitter’s first edited tweet created a new world

So when and where did this much-anticipated tweet appear? The official Twitter Blue account tweeted the edited post on 29 September 2022.

Twitter initially announced it was testing an edit button at the beginning of the month. The announcement on the Twitter blog included an example of how the edited tweets would look.

But Twitter Blue’s posts are the first live preview of the feature that users can interact with. How is it different from other tweets? User should be able to see pen icon and last edited label on the post. Clicking on this label will take users to the tweet’s edit history.

The edit history of this particular post shows that the original tweet read: “Hi. This is a test whether the edit button works.” In the edited post, Twitter Blue added “we’ll let you know how it goes” at the end of the tweet. The history also shows how many likes, retweets and comments the first version received and how many edited versions it received.

So why did the Twitter Blue account post an edited tweet in the first place? Twitter has emphasized that it will gradually roll out the feature to a limited number of users so that people can use (and potentially abuse) it. But Twitter Blue subscribers will be the first users outside the limited test group to get the feature.

The edit button will bring several changes to Twitter. Hopefully, the overall effect is positive, as many users want to be able to fix typos or add clarity to their posts.

Twitter edits are officially here

A new era of Twitter functionality is here, as the platform’s most requested feature makes its debut. But it remains to be seen how users will use the feature and how soon the edit button will be available to a larger user base.

In May 2022, Twitter began testing a new feature called Twitter Circles. Starting out as a limited experiment, it expanded to more users, and is now, finally, available to everyone.

The Twitter Circles feature provides a way for your Tweets to reach a more specific audience. From the name “Circle”.

In this article, we explain what Twitter Circle is and how to access it.

What is Twitter Circle?

Twitter Circles lets you choose up to 150 users to add to a private Twitter Circle group. Within this circle, only added users can see and reply to your Tweets.

While the Twitter community allows you to connect with new people, share your thoughts, and engage in discussions that you care about; Twitter Circle is for sharing personal tweets with a select few.

It works the same way you can share a story with only close friends on Instagram.

How twitter circles work

You can create only one Twitter circle with up to 150 people. Whenever you post a Tweet, you can select the audience you want to share it with. The options provided are Everyone or Twitter circle.

Anyone who has access to your Twitter circle is allowed to like and comment on your tweets, but the option to retweet your posts will not be available to them. Keep in mind though that they can still take screenshots or photos of your tweets, so don’t post something that will get you banned from Twitter.

Twitter Circle has a very handy editing option, which can be found on the audience selection options. Clicking on the All drop-down will show you the option to choose between tweeting to everyone or just your Twitter circle. Next to the number of people in your circle, you’ll see an edit option. Clicking on it will allow you to add or remove users from the circle.

Can you leave a Twitter circle?

Twitter gives you three different options when it comes to leaving the Twitter circle – Unfollow, Block, and Mute.

If you choose to unfollow someone, it will remove you from their Twitter circle, although they can add you back into the circle even if you don’t follow them again.

Blocking someone in a Twitter circle means that both of you have been removed from their circle, and they won’t be able to see any content posted to their feed.

Finally, if none of the above options appeal to you, you can mute another user without blocking or unfollowing them. Twitter lets you choose between muting the author or the conversation.

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