When your iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo and turns off, it can be a stressful situation. This is a problem that can affect all iPhone models as well, the iPhone 6 and earlier, the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, and the iPhone 8 and later.

If your iPhone keeps turning on and off, it may seem like you can’t fix it, but luckily, it’s not. There are many things you can try at home to solve the problem.

Why does my iPhone keep showing the Apple logo and turning off?

If your iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo and turns off, it can be difficult to know what’s causing the problem. This can be caused by an iOS update gone wrong, or a hardware issue. This can also happen when you jailbreak an iPhone or transfer corrupted files.

Thankfully this issue is not new. We’ll show you several simple methods you can use to fix the problem, including using iOS system repair software called Tenorshare ReiBoot.

How to fix iPhone keeps showing Apple logo and turns off

Even though it can be tough to figure out why your iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo on and off, there are some common fixes you can try. Sometimes all you need to do is charge your iPhone, and if that doesn’t work, forcing a hard restart often solves iPhone problems. Alternatively, there are also quick and easy third-party solutions.

Charge your iphone

When your iPhone shows the Apple logo and automatically shuts down, the problem could be as simple as low battery. Before trying anything else, charge your phone and see if it turns on. Even if this doesn’t solve the problem, it’s worth making sure your battery is charged so you can try some other fixes.

Force restart to fix iPhone keeps showing Apple logo and shuts down

A forced restart often fixes minor problems because it gives your phone a chance to start fresh by clearing memory and power rebooting the hardware. You won’t lose any data by forcing a restart, so it’s safe to do it yourself.

Restore Your iPhone Using ReiBoot iOS System Recovery

If your iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo and turns off, or your iPhone is frozen and won’t turn on, iOS system repair software like Tenorshare ReiBoot is a no-hassle tool you can use to recover your phone. Can

This method does not cause data loss, and it only takes a few clicks to complete using the ReiBoot iOS System Recovery standard repair process.

Restore Your iPhone Using iTunes

If the problem persists, you can try iTunes to fix iPhone stuck on Apple logo and shutting down automatically. Try this only if you have a backup of your phone as it will permanently delete all your data.

Restore dfu

As a last resort, you can try to restore your phone from DFU mode. It requires precise timing of button presses which can be tricky to get right, but if you fail you can just start over and try again.

Use this method only if nothing else works as it will delete all the data on your iPhone. It is also important to note that this will not fix hardware related problems like water damage.

Contact apple

When all else fails it may be time to contact an Apple professional. The above methods can solve a lot of iOS system problems, but when it comes to hardware, it is worth going to the Apple Store.

Different Ways to Fix iPhone Keeps Showing Apple Logo and Shuts Down

You don’t need to panic when your iPhone keeps showing the Apple logo and turns off while charging. There are several things you can do from home to resolve the issue before contacting Apple Support. The easiest thing you can do is to try charging your iPhone or doing a hard reset. But when those things don’t work, the next best option is to try third-party software.

Tenorshare ReiBoot is a great option if you need a fast, efficient and easy way to repair your iPhone. You will never have to worry about losing data or trying to perform complicated factory reset on your phone.

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