Trending searches can be frustrating to many users for all kinds of reasons. They may get in the way of what you’re looking for, or they may simply be distracting. Here’s how to turn off trending searches for Google.

What are trending searches on Google?

Trending Search is a relatively simple concept from Google that aims to improve its search suggestions so that users like you can find what they’re looking for faster.

Essentially, Google takes information from the same Google Trends data that you can use to see trending searches on Google, and applies it to what you’re looking for. This means that when you click into the Google search box, you’ll see what other people are currently searching for.

How are they different from search suggestions?

Search suggestions are another way Google tries to guess what you’re looking for. As you type, Google will make suggestions based on what it thinks you’re planning to search for, saving you the effort of typing it yourself.

These search suggestions may be affected by current trends and your own search history, but disabling trending searches will not disable search suggestions entirely.

How to turn off Google’s trending search

It’s actually quite easy to turn off trending searches in Google.

First of all, all you have to do is navigate to the bottom right of your screen. From there, you need to click on the text labeled Settings.

This will open a pop-up menu with various options to choose from. You want the one that reads search settings.

This will take you to a new page, the first of which is the search result where you want to be. All you have to do is scroll down from here to get to the subsection labeled Autocomplete with trending searches.

Make Google Search Your Own

As you can see, turning off popular searches for Google is an easy process that anyone can do. If you’ve ever been annoyed by trending searches, and wanted to just turn them off, now you can. There are lots of other Google search tricks you can use to make it your own.

We all have heard of Google and its most famous product – Google Search. Most of us probably use it on a daily basis as well. But are you making the most of the powerful search engine?

Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you make sure you use Google more effectively.

What is Google’s How Search Works page?

Before we dive into the tips and tricks, it’s worth mentioning that Google has a dedicated page called How Search Works. As you can tell from the name, the page tells you everything about how Google Search works. The creators, website owners and the curious have had access to this page since 2016. In August 2021, Google updated the resource.

Speaking of the August update, Sullivan explained, “People ask a lot of questions about Search—like how autocorrect works, or how we keep their information private and secure. We’ve updated the site so it’s a lot easier to find answers to these questions and learn all about our approach to designing search.”

On the page, you’ll find various in-depth blog posts that explain how the different elements of Google Search work. You’ll also get an hour-long video explanation as well as an analysis of Google Search’s features.

Tips and tricks for using Google search more effectively

As promised, here are 10 tips and tricks that will help you use Google Search more effectively. Some of them may seem obvious, but others, maybe not so much. There’s certainly a lot to learn about Google Search!

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